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The family is both, the fundamental unit of society as well as the root of culture. It is a perpetual source of encouragement, advocacy, assurance, and emotional refueling, that empowers a child to venture with confidence, into the greater world and to become the best in every field, he or she chooses to be in. The team of Satyawati Subhodh foundation promises to be, that very family for your child.

Education’s primary purpose, is to replace an empty mind with an imaginative & open one. It is the endeavor of Shri Ram Education Trust and Dr. Subodh Kumar Gupta, with his wife Smt. Satyawati, to provide the best education for the students of Agra.

Dr. Subodh Kumar Gupta is the son of Late Shri Shyamlal Gupta, who was a freedom fighter, a renowned educationist in UP and Rajasthan, during his life time, and the Principal of DAV and Hubblal College, Agra for over a decade in 1940s and 1950s. Dr Subodh Kumar Gupta has himself been the proud recipient of Gold Medal in radiology from the Nobel Prize winner Sir C V Raman during his youthful days. Smt Satyawati is an M.A. in Hindi from Banaras Hindu University. Both of them have dedicated their entire life for service of humanity, spread awareness about Yoga among youth and many other philanthropic activities such as Tribal Welfare and education for Economically weaker Sections.

The Distinguished Couple along with their team, has now undertaken the noble task of providing quality education and nurture the young kids of Agra, to find within each one of them a philosopher, a doctor, a teacher, a scientist, a sportsman, a musician, a painter, an actor, a leader and indeed a responsible citizen of the country.

Come, join us in our journey to tap the infinite potential of our children, to help them dream big and to equip them with the skills to accomplish the dream of making this Country Great!

We are running Shri Ram Centennial School.

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