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Director Principals Message


“ Success comes to those who work hard and stays with those who don't rest on their laurels."

Dear Parents and Students,

It is a privileged opportunity for me to be a part of SRCS, I come with three decades of experience with leading brands in school education, practicing 21st-century teaching-learning skills. I hold a dream to inspire, motivate and prepare our students for a fast-changing technology-driven modern world by instilling critical thinking skills, a deep understanding of society and respect for moral values like truth, loyalty, honesty, kindness and dedication.

Parents, the future is digital and more open. The know-how required for our students to be successful in future is very different from what was required in the past. The need to memorize and know formulas is becoming less and less critical, while practical knowledge with creativity and out-of-the box thinking along with other leadership skills have become much more important. Such skills need to be instilled in children from an early age, so much so that it doesn't just remain a skill but becomes an integral part of a student's personality and attitude.

We are happy to state that we've introduced some progressive and organized teaching pedagogies to ensure quality teaching. Some of them are:

  • Deep Learning in all subjects
  • Skill Education
  • Improved observation and assessment at all stages
  • Generate students' interest in Mathematics in both Preparatory and Middle stage
  • Promote excellent writing, reading and communication skills across all stages
  • Use of Social-Emotional Learning, Mindfulness & well-being in supporting the welfare of children

We at SRCS are committed to maintaining an environment that creates curiosity about learning while engendering love, respect and understanding of self and others. Tinvite all of you parents to partner with our students, their teachers and administration in helping to pave the path to what I believe are the endless new horizons of greater student achievement. We encourage you to visit our school on Saturdays during school hours to connect with us and provide feedback for the betterment of your Child.

There are no words to describe our thankfulness for the pleasure of sharing your children's development. We thank you for your trust and encouragement it is an infusion of spirit.


Ms. Arty Awasthi ,
Director Principal

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