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Director Academic’s Message

" Teaching in the Internet Age means that we must teach tomorrow's
skills today. " -- Jennifer Fleming.

Dear Parents and Students,

Since Online Classes began from April 2020 , we have been teaching Students in a manner which was very new to us. Online Teaching has revolutionized our method of learning and communicating. Change ,they say , is the only constant. This has proven to be true with Education during the last two years. However daunting the situation
appeared at the outset , we did not give up.

SRCS was one of the first Schools of Agra to master E - learning and E - Education. Our Teachers quickly mastered this medium of communication. Armed with their laptops and Wi-Fi connections they showed every one that Online Classes do not have to be boring. In fact there is much which can be incorporated in these classes. Videos and Audios can supplement the textbook. Interactive learning, though difficult, can still be maintained. For E-learning the content had to be masterfully designed. One had to be creative in engaging the Children and getting the Students to focus their
attention on what is going on.

However with the improvement in the general situation, we look forward to seeing our Children back in School. The School is desolate without the presence of our Students. We hope that each one of you will be back with us in this new Academic Session. We also hope that the Academic Year 2022-23 will be one of immense possibilities.

In academics we take pride in introducing three new tiers of educational systems. They are Genesis for Pre-primary , Ascent for Primary and Zenith for the secondary and senior secondary section. They will be the hallmark of SRCS, helping our students excel in academics.

I take this opportunity to thank our Parents who have been our pillars of support. With God's grace and the perseverance of our Teachers, Administration and the Management we will surely continue to grow from strength to strength.

Dr . Vandana Ghosh ,
Director Academics 

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