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Director Academic’s Message

Dear Parents and Students,

" Education is not preparation for life but life itself." - John Dewey

The truth of this assertion became amply clear last year. It was a moment of shock and disbelief when the first lock down imposed on March 14, 2020 followed by a nationwide closure from March 21, 2020.

Initially both Students and Teachers accepted this break as a welcome reprieve from a rigorous schedule. However with the passage of time, all of us realized the seriousness of the situation. All aspects of life were impacted by the pandemic, the likes of which we had never experienced before. Education too was vastly impacted.

Adversity surely led to invention in the arena of education. Educators armed themselves with the most modern methods of imparting Online Education. This was not an easy task, but now when we look back, Schools, their Management and Teachers lost no time in training Teachers to switch over to Zoom Classes. Teachers made PPT s of each period, adding animation and videos to make their classes more meaningful and attractive. The Students had to accept this new method of "teaching". Great care was taken to make the classes as "real" as possible. They were interactive and relevant.

I take pride in the constant effort and re-inventing of teaching and learning at SRCS. The excellent quality of our Online Classes was appreciated not only by our own Parents but also others in Agra too! Obstacles became our stepping stones to success!

With God's blessings and the incessant perseverance of the SRCS Family, we did not let Education suffer. Thus ‘Education’ became ‘Life’ itself for all of us! I take this opportunity to thank our Parents who stood with us during these difficult times.

We would look forward to such co-operation in the coming year as well. On our part we assure you that come whatever may, SRCS will never let you down and continue to deliver excellence

Dr . Vandana Ghosh ,
Director Academics (Senior School)

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